Joan R.

We came to Dr. Umbert after recomdation of a relative. Onliest info we got was, his system works and he’s really strange man.

I won’t extend much more about the treatment for the dermatitis of my 8 years old daughter. Creams, quiro, diet, meditation, swimming with snorkel…….

What I would like to appoint is that, before the first visit:
Anna was all day long scratching her arms, specially the wrists, and the legs behind the knees.
It provoked, out of the skin injuries (sheets of the bed with blood every night due to itch/scratching), bad results at school, since the Itch put her in an anxious situation, sleep times of poor quality, etc.

Now after six months, no more Itch attacks, even we almost got rid of creams, Anna has got best partials at school and she’s happy with herself!

Beside of this issue, to coment that:
the treatment is crazy expensive, each visit aprox 100Eur plus analisis of about 1500Eur, total 2.500-3.000Eur, but my daughter deserves this and much more.
If a complaint shall be exposed, it is that he speaks more than faster and too technical, sometimes is hard to understand or follow his explanations, despite I can try to study the papers he’s handing out, I’m not used to talk about interleuquina!!

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